TenCrazy.com Loopitch DXi2/VSTi

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This is an early demo intended to generate feedback (pun quite intended).

Loopitch (name subject to change: suggestions accepted) is a long-period high-feeback looping machine, akin to continuous tape loops in "the old days" or digital Jam Man or Echoplex of today. Now all the Fripp and Torn wannabes out there can have fun with a MIDI controllable looper within a sequencing host!

Loopitch currently works as a DXi2 instrument under SONAR 8.5 (my main host), manages to hobble by in REAPER (my sometimes-host), and will likely play well with other DXi hosts. The VSTi version worked identically via the FXpansion adapter, back in the old pre-VST SONAR days, but is otherwise mostly untested in VST hosts.

Loopitch is considered an "instrument" (not merely an "effect"), as it needs MIDI information to control its operation: you'll need a keyboard with a sustain pedal to make it work!

Download the alpha/demo:

No Mac support, yet: maybe later, if I can ever get the VST version happy with a few hosts!

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