TenCrazy.com Gadgets

This is where you'll find my music software efforts (PC only, sorry!). Just an unorganized collection for now, but maybe I'll tidy it up later once there are more of them...

They're all free for now, but you can also DONATE!

MFX Plugins

MFX (or MIDI FX) is a part of the DirectX music specification that allows for the processing of MIDI data. All recent Cakewalk products (SONAR, Home Studio, etc) can use MFX plugins, and recent Cubase (SX/SL) offerings can use them through a wrapper provided by Steinberg.

K10ne Project: Kawai K1 Emulation

Reproducing the sounds of the sometimes-loved, sometimes-hated classic late 80's digital vector synthesizer for WusikStation format.

Yamaha EZ-EG / EZ-AG Resources

Information and tools for Yamaha's MIDI guitars, including MIDI SysEx processing scripts to enhance performance with softsynths.

Windows Utilities

This is a little collection of tools to help you work with other Windows music programs and plugins.

TenCrazy.com Loopitch

Loopitch is a long-period high-feeback looping machine, akin to continuous tape loops in "the old days" or digital Jam Man or Echoplex of today.

TenCrazy.com EmGate DXi2 v1.0 (direct download)

EmGate is a MIDI-controlled channel mixer gate. It can be triggered by MIDI Note messages for gated behavior, or tweaked gradually using the Mod Wheel as a fader. (No big explanation here: just download it and read the text file!)

DR-008 Modules

Once upon a time, the DR-008 Drum Sampler by FXpansion had a nifty SDK that allowed third-party developers to add functionality to it.