TenCrazy.com Windows Music Utilities

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This is a little collection of tools to help you work with other Windows music programs and plugins.


I get a lot of requests for solutions from Garritan Personal Orchestra users who don't have a Mod Wheel on their keyboard, which is essential for getting the best dynamic performance from GPO. Okay, I get the message: finally, I'm getting down to brass tacks here! ;) TenCrazy.com Controlta is a virtual control surface that allows you to send MIDI Continuous Controller messages by mouse position.

Samplen utility

Samplen is a little Windows dialog app that computes sample lengths based on tempo, or tempo based on sample length.

Windows Shell Extensions

These .inf files create shell extensions in your Windows Explorer that help you to manage MFX and DX plugins, as well as providing easy directory access for command-line utilities like bmp2cam.

Cameleon bmp2cam utility

bmp2cam reads in a greyscale bitmap file and translates it into a Camel Audio CA5000 Cameleon voice file (.c5v) for import as an evolving harmonic spectrum. NOTE: This code has been adapted and integrated into CA5000 v1.2!

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